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Textiles of Indonesia Book by Thomas Murray 2022

Textiles of Indonesia
Hardcover, Published 2022

Rarities Book by Thomas Murray

Rarities From the Himalayas to Hawaii
Hardcover, Published 2019

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Textiles of Japan Book by Thomas Murray

Textiles of Japan
Hardcover, Published 2019

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C14 Dating of Dayak Art Book Cover

C-14 Dating of Dayak Art
Hardcover, 2015


Pairs, Couples and Maternity:
The Art of Two

Hardcover, 2014

Masks of Fabled Lands Book Cover

Masks of Fabled Lands
Hardcover, 2009

Animistic Art of Iland Asia Book Cover

Animistic Art of Island Asia
Paperback, 2008

Thomas Murray Book Cover

Thomas Murray: Asiatica Ethnographica Paperback, 2001

Weaving Stories

Textiles Asia Journal
May 2022, Volume 14, Issue 1
Special Exhibition Review

Salmon Skin, Silk, Symposia

HALI Magazine
Travellers’ tales, Postcard from Hong Kong

Textile Voyage

HALI Magazine
Indonesian Textiles

DeYoung Donation Interview
In His Own Words

HALI Magazine
DeYoung Donation Interview

A Carbon-14 Primer

HALI Magazine
Issue 174, Frontlines, Forum

Comments on the Indian Trade Cloth Known as the Tree of Life and its Context

Caskey-Lees Arts of Pacific Asia Show, Exhibition Essay by Thomas Murray

The Ship and The Tree

HALI Magazine
Adat Textiles of South Sumatra

Masterpiece of Masterpieces

HALI Magazine
Review Sultans of Deccan India, 1500-1700

The Velvet Revolution

HALI Magazine
Review Triumph of Ornament: Fifteenth-century Italian silk-weaving

Art of the Austronesians: The Legacy of Indo-Pacific Voyaging

HALI Magazine
Review Exhibition at UCLA’s Fowler Museum

Call of the Wild

HALI Magazine
Review Ancestors of the Lake: Art of Lake Sentani and Humboldt Bay at The Menil Collection in Houston

Five Centuries of Indonesian Textiles

HALI Magazine
Book Review by Thomas Murray

In Pursuit of a Prototype

HALI Magazine
Forum article by Thomas Murray

Legacy in Cloth: Batak Textiles of Indonesia

HALI Magazine
Sandra Niessen’s Book Reviewed by Thomas Murray

Magie van de Vrouw

Tribal Art Magazine
Art on View, Textiles and Jewelry from Indonesia by Thomas Murray

Mingei and the Buddha Nature

The Thomas Murray Collection of Japanese Folk Textiles

Philippines: An Archipelago of Exchange

HALI Magazine
Review Exhibition at Musee du Quai Branly, Paris

Red Tapis
Indonesian Textiles

HALI Magazine
Article by Thomas Murray

Textiles from Sulawest in Indonesia, Genealogy of Sacred Cloths

HALI Magazine
Review of Keiko Kusakabe’s Exhibition in Fukuoka City

Demons and Deities Masks of the Himalayas

HALI Magazine
Carpets, Textiles & Costumes