Textiles of Japan Book Cover Design


Textiles of Japan

by Thomas Murray, Virginia Soenksen, Anna Jackson
Publication date: January 29, 2019
Hardcover: 520 pages
10.38 x 13.75 in

From rugged Japanese firemen’s ceremonial robes and austere rural work-wear to colorful, delicately-patterned cotton kimonos, this lavishly illustrated volume explores Japan’s rich tradition of textiles.

Textiles are an eloquent form of cultural expression and of great importance in the daily life of a people, as well as in their rituals and ceremonies. The traditional clothing and fabrics featured in this book were made and used in the islands of the Japanese archipelago between the late 18th and the mid 20th century. The Thomas Murray collection featured in this book includes daily dress, work-wear, and festival garb and follows the Arts and Crafts philosophy of the Mingei Movement, which saw that modernization would leave behind traditional art forms such as the hand-made textiles used by country people, farmers, and fisherman.

Numerous examples of these fabrics, photographed in exquisite detail, offer insight into Japan’s complex textile history as well as inspiration for today’s designers and artists. This volume explores the range and artistry of the country’s tradition of fiber arts and is an essential resource for anyone captivated by the Japanese aesthetic.

If one could only have one book covering as much as possible on Japanese textiles this should be the book. Tom Murray has managed to build an encyclopedic collection reflecting his profound knowledge and passion. Not only is his collection thorough, but its presentation in this book is superior---detailing the wide variety of fabrics, fibers, and weaving and dying methods used throughout Japan's long history.
John Stucky
Librarian Emeritus, Asian Art Museum of San Francisco