Rarities: From The Himalayas to Hawaii Book Cover



From The Himalayas to Hawaii

by Thomas Murray
Publication date: November 25, 2019
Hardcover: 168 pages
12.11 x 11.25 in

Thomas Murray’s new book “Rarities: The Himalayas to Hawaii“ proposes to follow the artistic traditions of the ancient migratory and trade routes of the Austronesians, South-East Asian Bronze Age, and Hindu-Buddhist peoples.

Just as people, languages, religious belief systems, and technology can travel great distances and yet remain related owing to the conservative nature of indigenous societies, styles of art move as well, and sculptural styles can evolve. Certain recurring iconographic themes demonstrate how connected our shared human experience truly is, and how archetypes may be identified and tracked across great distances, whether by a process of cultural diffusion or as subliminal products of the shared collective unconscious. This book takes up those questions and contemplates the nature of aesthetic quality, religious philosophy, and the relation between art and the human condition.

The artworks documented here represent some of the top examples Thomas Murray has acquired and retained over the course of a long career. They are characterized by sculptural balance and a harmony of fine, as well as a rare quality of expressiveness...
Jonathan Fogel
Chief Editor of Tribal Arts Magazine