ITEM 41102

Tumuk / Tomok Central House Post

Yami / Tao People, Orchid Island / Botel Tobago
Wood, pigment
19th / Early 20th Century
71 In / 180 cm
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Ex Liliane and Michel Durand-Dessert, Paris
Published: Arts de Taïwan, Helene Kamer, Paris 1973, p 15

Yami is the name given to the Austronesian speaking inhabitants of Orchid Island by a 19th C. anthropologist and is the best known identifier, however Tao (man) is the indigenous preference. Tumuk, also called Tomok, are extremely rare and important architectural elements within the traditional Tao house that feature a depiction of the heroic progenitor of the clan, Magamaog, who taught the Tao boat building and agriculture. The other figures are understood to be ancestors. Tumuk were inherited by the eldest son as familial treasure.