Special Exhibition: 

"Boxing Day"

Boxing Day is a British holiday the day after Christmas, December 26, the traditional day that those who have provided services all year long will receive a thank you gift. The term seems to date to the 17th Century but the custom really took hold after 1830. Boxes obviously had a lot to do with it! 
Boxing Day brings to mind boxes, which serve as containers, sometimes for transportation, or a place to keep small personal objects including betel nut, tobacco or medicine. Precious jewelry deserves a fine box, such as a treasure basket. Boxes contain talismans, magical protection worn to ward off evil spirits and even death. They can contain holy books, like the Koran case from Lombok. The materials boxes can be made from are as varied as their purposes with their cultural context. Wood, metal, fiber come to mind, formed by carving, casting or plaiting in to fine baskets. The diversity of these receptacles, from secular to sacred, is very much part of their appeal!
We hope you will enjoy our presentation of boxes of many purposes, places, and people. I have collected them for decades and would like to share them with you now, a possible gift for yourself on Boxing Day!

With best wishes, -Thomas Murray