Special Exhibition: 


The name Bali conjures up visions of an island paradise of swaying coconut trees, emerald green rice paddies and exotic temples rising from volcano slopes. This is all true but there is much more to the culture of Bali than what can be found on a tourist travel poster. Deeply embedded into the lives of all of those who live there is a "psychic landscape" populated with major and minor deities and animistic spirits who all must be propitiated with offerings through out the day. Balinese never knew they were practicing a form of the Hindu religion until some modern scholar informed them...they just worshiped as they always have for generations dating back not only to the period of great Javanese influence from the 8th-15th Centuries, but the Bronze Age dating a thousand years before that and a yet further back into a shamanic tradition extending well into the Millennia before our current era. Above all, Balinese are a naturally creative people who invest personal magic in their wood carvings, textiles and jewelry, even while conforming to traditional canons of style and iconography. The pieces displayed here were selected because they capture that magical and creative spirit and it is hoped you will enjoy their power and aesthetics.