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Turkey 2012

Turkey, a land so ancient that the Romans seem like newcomers and the Ottomans late arrivals! 

The wonders of old Istanbul include Byzantine churches, fabulous mosques, great museums, brilliant mosaics, spectacular views and delicious food, making this the true cross roads of East and West! Add to that Anatolia, the greater Asian territory of Turkey, with the history of human civilization seeped in its stones. For example, the cave dwellings of Capedocia, filled with mysterious rock formations that are best viewed by balloon flights at sunrise. And there are still rugs shops to be found out in the bush for treasure seekers but you will have to to bargain carefully against masters of the art! For Kristal and me, Mount Nemrut of East Anatolia has always been something hoped for; indeed, with great heads on a long-lost and very remote mountaintop, dating from two thousand years ago, as the line from the Maltese Falcon goes, “it is the stuff dreams are made of.” They are portraits of emperors, eagles, lions and gods of Greek, Armenian and Iranian sources made by King Anticohus in 62BCE. Over the centuries, heads toppled from their giant seated bodies due to earthquakes, the figures now visible in the background, the heads now seen aligned at their feet near the top of peak. Again, best seen at sunrise, the faces emerging with a warm rosy glow out of a very clear, cold night! I need not mention as they are so famous and always on everyone’s must-see list, the Library of Celcus at Ephesus on the Mediterranean coast or the mineral bathes of Pamukule...wonders that, sorry to say, the whole world seems to be going to at the same time! But great nonetheless!

I cannot say enough about how special this country is so I will not try but only wish to state that this was a perfect place to conclude my 60th Birthday Pilgrimage to Sacred Lands around the world! And I thank you all for following me on this Journey to the East. There can be no better place to pay my respects to the Mother Goddess, alive and well on this ancient land.