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Photography included in the Transformation Mask Exhibition

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Travel Photography:

Presented here are photographs taken of various expeditions by this author, 
often in the hopes of capturing that most elusive moment in a primal 
community, masks of a secret society in actual use. This quest was largely 
unable to be accomplished; however the pilgrimage was always worth it. 
The intent with showing these images may be summed up by the old adage, 
“a picture is worth a thousand words.” Rather than just look at the masks 
exclusively on their own merit within the context of an art fair in San Francisco, 
present tense, there is something to be said for looking at photos that can 
convey distance, remoteness, antiquity of land and culture, together with a 
sense of identity and dignity for who these mask using people are. Because 
in the end, they are us and we are them, sharing a common humanity and 
the recognition that masks have meaning and purpose in our lives. 
Notable expeditions shown here include the Great Tibet trip up the
 Forbidden Road from Xinjiang to Mt. Kailash and Guge in the west, on to
 Lhasa with all monasteries in between and beyond. Mt. Everest was a 
special stop; this trip shared with Roger Hollander and Wenhua Liu, who 
is also exhibiting here, was the toughest, worst, most difficult journey of my
 life and I loved it! 
Trips upriver in Borneo have always held an allure but going to the Mulu 
Caves, perhaps the largest in the world, was a fantastic adventure. The great 
megaliths of Central Sulawesi convey a sense of an archaic culture in nature. 
Some photos show locations best accessed by boat, including Lembata, 
villages in Timor and among the Asmat. In these places we can get a feeling 
of a people whose cultures remain vigorous and in the later, we see what might 
be considered the first mask, the painted human face.