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Ethiopia Places 2011

This sojourn starts at the source, not only of the Nile but also of Humanity. I began in Ethiopia a trip that was to be perhaps the most challenging of my career as a world traveler and explorer of natural wonders.

From the start of the Blue Nile at the great water falls, I scrambled up cliff faces to visit the frescos of ancient Orthodox Churches of the North; passed though jungles and deserts; visited wild people with whom I made a real contact; encountered dangerous animals but was nearly taken down disastrously by the bites of invisible bugs.

The portraits of the people were described in part one of my Ethiopian travel images, a collection called Faces. Part two shares the incredible landscapes, geological wonders and extraordinary array of ecological niches, some fecund and some austere of that Ethiopian expedition, I share with you now…Places.

I thank again Bobbi Wagner of Lost Frontiers for making this trip possible. Please contact her at <info@lostfrontiers.com>