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Laurens Langewis was a great mid-20th Century textile scholar from the Netherlands who published on many subjects related to Indonesian textiles. One of his most lasting contributions was coauthored with Frits Wagner, Decorative Art in Indonesian Textiles, published in 1964; it remains an essential resource to this day. In it they featured textiles organized by patterning techniques with an exceptionally high degree of connoisseurship. Many of these textiles are preserved in the Tropen Museum of Amsterdam, while others were found in private collections of the time.

Recently I had the opportunity to acquire this archive of photos, many of which date to that book project, held by the Laurens Langewis family for more than fifty years. I had them scanned and share them with you now.

Beginning with installation shots of exhibitions at the Tropen Museum, you may scroll through to see textile study shots that offer us a window on an earlier era of Indonesian textile appreciation.