Lime Container

Middle Sepik, Papua New Guinea

Wood, red pigment

19th/early 20th Century

34 in/86 cm

This is a special lime container, given to initiates as part of their attire when they come out from the seclusion of the initiation period. Collected during the 1934-36 French expedition known as La Koriganne. During its voyage to the South Seas, this schooner collected over 2500 pieces which were loaned to the Musée de l’Homme in Paris in 1939 (hence the inventory number D-39-3-..., D stands for Dépôt (Loan/Deposit), 39 to the year 1939) for a special exhibit. In December 1961, a large part of the collection was sold in auction; the French museums kept about 800 pieces, and the rest was scattered among private collectors.

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