Conch Style Earrings 11500



10th - 14th Century 

Lg. Pair (1 in/ 2.5 cm): 5.7 grams

Sm. Single (.75 in/ 1.9 cm): 4.4 grams


Offered here are three classical earrings of the conch design, a larger pair and a smaller ultra-fine single. Collectively they display a genius of construction, made with exacting gold beading and filigree work. The conch is an emblem of Vishnu, a most auspicious Hindu deity. These date to the beginning of the second Millennium about a thousand years old. One earring from the pair has a single gold element that was glued back into place. All earrings have been examined and come with a letter of authenticity from Dr. Pieter Meyers, world recognized metal expert.